Saturday, January 30, 2010

Geology and wine #3

In a previous post, I mentioned that for a country its size, Romania has an amazingly varied geology.  A geologic map, courtesy of the Romanian Geological Institute website shows this complexity.  
And for the third installment of the geology and wine, here it is, side by side, a geological map and a map of the wine regions of Romania, (the later from the Romanian wine website).

I will talk in more detail, in a future post, about the geology of Romania and what the bright colors on the map mean, but for now, it is worth observing the relationship between the two maps.  The Carpathian mountains certainly stand out on the geologic map and they influence the wine regions in many ways.  I already talked about  how geology (and the resulting topography) influences present-day climate, and more specifically how the Foehn-type wind influence the wine making in the Cotnari region.  Geology also has a lot to do with the other elements of terroir, such as soil type and topography.  So when you have the next sip of your favorite wine, try to imagine the tumultuous geologic history that permeates every drop and gives in its "earthy minerality" (yes, that is a common sensory descriptor used in wine tasting).


  1. I can give you a better geological map (120 Mbytes) of Romania . I suggest to visit CLISURA Dunarii - fantastic geologic diversity .

  2. A higher resolution geological map of Romania would be awesome. I have several paper versions, but only a low rez digital. Is there a site I can download from? Thanks for the suggestion to visit Clisura Dunarii, I am planning a trip to Romania this year, I'll ad this to the list.

  3. Contact me thru my web site


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