Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cool Science #1

(image source
A team of researchers in the Harvard MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology found a way to resolve the 3D structure of the human genome.  They used a method dubbed Hi-C, which involves: 1) bonding together gene-sequences situated close together in the 3D-structure but not in the linear sequence, 2) breaking the genome into million pieces, 3) marking the ends of the bonded genome fragments, 4) glue the ends of each fragment together, to form a circle of DNA and 5) sequencing of the marked pieces to visualize which pieces of DNA were physically close together.

I know I am off topic, but this is not only amazing in itself, but a similar method may be applied/addapted to visualize and understand many other complex systems.  And geology certainly has plenty of such systems.

More on this may be found here and here.

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