Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rural and small town Texas

Yesterday we spent the day on our six-acre property west of Houston, near Brenham.  It was a beautiful January day, sunny and crisp, the type of weather I wish Texas would have more of.
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 We purchased the property a couple of years ago, to be our way to escape the life of the big city.  It is about half-way between Houston and the hill country, at the point where the topography is just escaping the flatness of Houston and starts to roll a little. At the time we bought it, the property was badly overgrazed (previous owner kept miniature horses) and we vowed to bring its beauty back as soon as possible.  After two years, we made good to that promise.  Yesterday we planted a few more bushes and trees, a New Year tradition which we try to keep.
The geology of the area is fairly "uneventful"; our property sits on the Miocene Fleming Formation, which consists primarily of clay, with rare stringers of sandstone.  The predominance of clay makes the soil fairly awful for planting.  These rocks allegedly  contain Cretaceous invertebrate fossils, but we did not find any yet, nor did we make a concerted effort in that direction.
The Bluebonnets are gorgeous here in early spring, I promise to share a post with nice images at peak season this year.

Below are a few other images from the area.
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© RomaniaRocks

© RomaniaRocks

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