Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Sea Earthquakes

On Saturday, three earthquakes in the Black Sea succeeded over an interval of five minutes.

The first was located west of Sevastopol and occurred at 18:51 (UTC).

The second took place SE of Sevastopol at 18:55:24 (UTC).

The third earthquake was located very close to the first, about 64km W of Sevastopol, and occurred at 18:55:52 (UTC).  The four maps above are courtesy of the National Institute for Earth Physics in Romania.
I do not know much about the earthquakes in the Black Sea, since the big events in Romania are related to the Vrancea region (see my previous post here on the geology and wine - seismic terroir).  I will try to find out more about the focal mechanism and other information, but if any of you know more, please leave comments.  

From information I found on EarthquakeDB, in 103 A.D an earthquake in Ukraine (map below) associated with a Tsunami had the epicenter located very close to the ones that occurred yesterday.  Fortunately, no Tsunami on Saturday!

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