Thursday, November 25, 2010

Romanian National Parks

On my to-do list in Romania is to hike all of the National Parks.  As a note to self, and also to entice others to go and visit these beautiful places, this post provides a map and links to some of the parks.  One of the best things about National Parks, in Romania or elsewhere, is the geology associated with the breathtaking views. This post is about some cool places in Romania where you can see awesome geology and experience great landscapes, views and culture.

View Romanian National Parks in a larger map
Apuseni Nature Park (Rom. Parcul Natural Apuseni): best known for the beautiful karst landscape and its numerous caves.
Bicaz Gorge - Hasmas National Park (Rom. Parcul National Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas): best known for the spectacular Bicaz Gorge
Calimani National Park (link in Romanian) (Rom. Parcul National Calimani): located in the Calimani volcanic chain.
Ceahlau National Park (link in Romanian)(Rom. Parcul National Ceahlau): Ceahlau Mountain is also called the Olympus of Romania, because of its significance in the history of the Dacians, the ancestors of the Romanian people.  Ceahlau was considered to be the sacred mountain of Zalmoxis, the ancient deity of the Dacians.
Piatra Craiului National Park (Rom. Parcul National Piatra Craiului): one of my favorite places to hike. Beautiful Mesozoic limestone landscape.
Retezat National Park (link in Romanian)(Rom. Parcul National Retezat): best known for the beautiful landscape sculpted by long gone glaciers, it is the park in Romania with the highest number of mountain peaks over 2000m in height.

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