Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seismic geomorphology research conference

If you are in or near Houston-Texas, or can get to Houston in early December, I highly recommend this: the 30th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference - "Seismic imaging of depositional and geomorphic systems".  With a 3-day full program, the BEG visualization center set up for people to view data volumes, and keynote speakers such as Kurt Marfurt, Sergey Fomel, Henry Posamentier, this will be THE conference on this topic for years to come.
The conference will be held at the Houston Marriott Westchase,  on December 5-8, 2010.  You may register for the event here.
The conference will cover the entire spectrum of depositional systems, clastics and carbonates, a wide variety of geographical locations, basins and geological settings: incised valleys on the Sunda Shelf, Indonesia; carbonate platform systems in the Browse Basin, Australia; estuarine deposits in the Gulf of Cambay, India; Pleistocene turbidites from NE Nigeria; point-bars in the McMurray Formation, Canada; channel-levee complexes, slope valleys and canyons from East Kalimantan, Indonesia; and much more.
I will be sharing on Twitter and blogging from the conference (hopefully).

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  1. This conference will help people be aware of their surroundings. And this would also help some seismic company with their surveying job within the area. Base from its characteristics people in that area needs to be alert and prepared every time for who knows how strong an earthquake would hit them.


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