Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Landscapes into Rock - geoscience meeting

This fall I will attend and present at the William Smith 2010 meeting "Landscapes into Rock", hosted by the Geological Society in London, 21-23 of September.  Landscape into Rock is an inspiring title, with an even more inspiring set of sessions and keynote speakers.  Below is a synopsis of the meeting; you can also go to the website here, find out more, and register if you are planning to attend.

The Erosional Engine - co-chaired by Alex Whittaker (Imperial College London) and Andy Carter (Birkbeck College, University of London);  Keynote speakers: Kelin Whipple (Arizona State University) and Niels Hovius (Cambridge University)

The Dynamics of Sediment Routing Systems - co-chaired by Alex Densmore (Durham University) and Ruth Robinson (St. Andrew’s University):Keynote speakers: James Syvitski (University of Colorado-Boulder) and Chris Paola (University of Minnesota)

Landscapes into Rock: the Making of Stratigraphy - co-chaired by Sébastien Castelltort (ETH-Zürich) and Emma Finch (Manchester University); Keynote speakers: Mike Leeder (University of East Anglia) William Smith Lecture 2010 and Rudy Slingerland (Pennsylvania State University)

Integrative Studies of Sediment Routing and the Petroleum System - co-chaired by Ian Lunt (Statoil) and Mike Blum (ExxonMobil); Keynote speakers: Ole J. Martinsen (Statoil) and Peter Burgess (Shell)

I am planning to microblog (via twitter and Tumblr) in real time, and blog at the end of each day (in semi-real time at Romania Rocks), but I do not promise.  Internet connection can be quite a luxury while abroad (especially in Europe) and I hate paying an arm and a leg for the real-time thing.  In any case, I will certainly take good notes and blog heavily real-time or after the event.
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