Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Geology, buildings, cities, architecture

Stone buildings are forever linked to geology by the architects that created them.  And through that, the cities and the human culture they represent are forever linked to geology.  I showed in a previous post how the Romanian village of Corbi and its culture is forever linked to geology through the little church carved in stone by the villagers.
During a recent trip to San Antonio, we strolled by the Bexar County Courthouse, a beautiful building designed in 1892 by James Riely Gordon in a Romanesque Revival style.
The courthouse is built from Texas red sandstone (Pecos Sandstone), with a layer of Texas Pink Granite at the base, all shown in the pictures above, which I took during the trip the other week.
There are no outcrops of the sandstone or the granite in the city, but the courthouse reminds the San Antonians and the tourists alike of the strong link between human creativity, the Earth and its rocks.

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